5. Other Magazines

More Magazine, February 2008 cover story – “Vanessa Williams, Victorious”

More Magazine – Amy Brenemann

More Magazine – Jean Smart

More Magazine – Rita Wilson

Good Housekeeping, TK cover story – “Jennifer Aniston’s Happiness Plan”

Reader’s Digest – Mark Harmon

Moviemaker Magazine, January 2009 cover story – “Amy Adams and the Benefits of Doubt”

Moviemaker Magazine, Summer 2007 cover story – Tobey Maguire

Moviemaker Magazine, Fall 2007 cover story – “Zach Helm’s World of Wonder”

DirecTV Access Magazine, July 2007 cover story  – Dylan McDermott
DirecTV Access Magazine – Kristin Chenoweth
DirecTV Access Magazine – Chelsea Handler
Fade In Magazine  – Kristin Scott Thomas
Fade In Magazine – Danny Boyle

Angeleno Magazine – Jonathan Rice

Angeleno Magazine – Actor-Directors: Sarah Polley, Ben Affleck, Sean Penn

The Red Bulletin – Lydiaemily

VMan – Joseph Gordon Levitt

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